4 Corners CBD Review

The popularity of cannabis has never been bigger than it is right now. There seems to be a new strain of CBD oil on the market at a record pace. That being said when you get a product with the name like 4 Corners CBD, you can’t help but to be a little curious as to what this product is and if it is as good as the makers claim it is. The purpose of this review is to help you make an informed decision that will give you a new insight into the world of CBD and help you to decide if this is a product that you will want to try or if it is quite simply not right for you.

History of 4 Corners CBD

First off the company is based out of Colorado, a state that is known for growing some of the best hemps. The other thing that sets this company apart from all of the others, is the fact that they control all of the processes for growing the hemp. From the seeds being planted to the oil being extracted, they are a very hands-on company and do not outsource any of their processes.

As would be expected the name of the company comes from the fact that it is located in the region of the state known as the Four Corners region. The brothers that founded and own the company have a total of more than 30 years experience in growing hemp and the process upon which the oil is extracted means that you will get the best overall product for your money.

The ease of being able to get their lab reports is a big selling point for many people. This allows you the chance to go on their website and review the information for yourself. There is also a section of their website that allows you the chance to read as to what CBD oil is, what it is used to treat as well as a ton of other useful information. In addition to the CBD products that they sell, there are also t-shirts that are sold along with other merchandise that is branded with the company’s logo and slogan. Now that you know the basics surrounding the company, we can look at the products that they sell and review them.

Review of Oral and Avocado Oil Tinctures

The first thing that you will notice is that the oral tincture will come in three sizes a 250, 500 and a 1000ML size. One of the big selling points for a person will be when you go on their site, you will be given an inventory of what is left. This will give you an idea of what is in stock so you will know before you go to order. In addition to this feature, the company goes out of their way to make sure that the buyer knows how to use the products in a safe manner. One example of this is putting information about making sure to use the CBD drops at least an hour and a half before you take any medication.

They also do point out that the use of this might lead to you having a false positive on your drug test.

Using this product you will have to take about one drop per ten pounds of your body weight. For example, if you weigh around 200 pounds, then this will equate to around 20 drops. This will have to be done once a day with the person holding the tincture under their tongue for at least 30 seconds. The mixture is combined with coconut oil and will come across with a bit of an orange taste to some users.

The avocado oil mixture is not for everyone as they will notice right from the start the bitter taste of the mixture. There is nothing wrong with the mixture, it is just a matter of the taste of the avocado oil will be a bit strong for a person that has never used it before. This will take some getting used to for most people.

4 Corners Cannibus Vape Oil

If tinctures are really not your thing, then you will want to consider the use of the vape oil that the company produces. It again comes in the three standard sizes and is a lot more desirable of a product for a person to use. More and more people tend to want to use this product as they say it is more relaxing to use a vaporizer as opposed to having to use drops under their tongue. Many people will say that this allows the user to have the calming effect of the product a lot sooner than they would if they just relied on the drops. There are a few other ingredients that are mixed in to make the use of this a very pleasant experience. One thing that you can be confident when you buy this product is that it does not use diacetyl which is known to lead to a person developing a condition known as popcorn lung.

4 Corners Topical Salve 

The last thing we are going to review is that of the topical salve that is offered from the company. This when you first open the tub, has a very nice scent of coconut as that is one of the oils that are mixed into the salve along with hemp oil, beeswax and other all natural ingredients. If you are hoping for a miracle cure, you need to be aware that you will get a measure of relief from your pain, but this is only going to be temporary. The product works very well and gives a person the level of results that they hope for. In addition, it is affordable as a two-ounce tub will cost you around $50. While you can use this as much as you would like, you will want to take caution as this has a price tag that can get expensive if you tend to overuse it.

There are a lot of things that make this company a good one to use the products of. While there are a few drawbacks, these will be greatly less than that of the many advantages that you will get from this product. The fact that they do not ship internationally may be something that drives a person away, but other than that, they do ship to all 50 states. If you are wondering about their customer service, then you will have to call and deal with them as very few people have ever had a need to call and deal with customer service. This is a huge testament to their amazing line of products and them as a company that you will more than likely not need to ever call customer service.

The entire process of the growth of the hemp is done by the company as well as the extraction of the hemp oil. If you are a person that cares about the method used in the extraction process, then you will be happy to know that the method used is a very natural process and will not affect the quality of the hemp oil that you will get.

The products all have an amazing taste and aroma that makes them very welcoming to a person that may be new to using CBD products. If you are a newbie and are looking for a line of products that will leave a big impression on you, then this is the products for you.