Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Strain: It Delivers the Yummy Factor
When Juliette Gordon Lowe came up with an idea to start an organization called the Girl Guides in the U.K. in 1911, she was inspired by Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell, but it’s likely she had no idea the group’s future would include revenue-generating cookie sales, much less a marijuana strain named for these goodies.

Yet here we are, 108 years into the future, and the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain of cannabis has become as popular among pot lovers as the devotion cookie fanatics continue to show for iconic Samoas, Shortbread, S’mores and the all-time favorite, Thin Mints.

Perhaps there is comfort to be found in a strain of cannabis that offers so many happy memories in addition to a signature fragrance, but for folks with medical conditions requiring relief, this is no bakery shop option. GSCs happen to be one of the strongest and most potent strains on today’s market.

Formulated of 60-percent indica and 40-percent sativa leaves, you’ll find GSC categorized with other hybrids that boast notable pedigrees: Dad evolved from Durban Poison. Mom’s roots are OG Kush. Together, they prove that mixed marriages can succeed.

And for purists who rely upon THC content to make buying decisions, tests show this hybrid ranges from 17- to 28-percent THC and 0.09-0.2-percent CBD. No family is perfect, and like all wild things, a genetic glitch or two has delivered surprising offshoots like Platinum and Thin Mint.

With growing origins in California, one would expect a star in the family and GSC does not disappoint. Described as “notoriously beautiful,” enthusiasts have compared it to a visit to Disney or Pixar Studios where fanciful creatures waltz around displaying vivid green twisted calyxes, royal purple leaves and come-hither orange hairs that add to the plant’s beauty. Happily, every user’s sensory experience is equally compelling as GSC delivers a rousing mix of heavy sweetness that sends one into a state of bliss.

Easy to love and admire, GSC pays consumers back like all creatures that have been praised one too many times: growing this strain isn’t always easy to accomplish. Cultivators must be prepared to devote from 9 to 10 weeks to their effort. This cookie can thrive indoors or outdoors as long the weather is sunny and warm-—in other words, this is a true California girl.

For growers just getting their cannabis sea legs, following rigorous hydroponic protocols is the key to growing success and this strain is surprisingly low maintenance in terms of the amount of time and “stuff” required to get it to harvest. A little fertilizer goes a long way. Adequate water is advised, but don’t expect GSC to set any height or yield records. This is a modest but feisty strain–much like the original Girl Scout movement itself!

Folks seeking a yield estimate because they’re only willing to put in a certain amount of time and effort if there are big rewards at the end of the growing season can count on harvesting up to 60 grams of fresh plants, but the wallop this weed delivers in terms of mind-bending bliss is well worth the wait.

GSC fans recommend holding off on sampling for those with urgent, pressing matters to attend to that require one to think and act, but once happy hour arrives, it’s not unreasonable to expect great creative insights, profound philosophical thoughts and a decided lack of interest in doing anything that requires a scintilla of effort or concentration. In fact, users should plan to ruminate in place for at least a couple of hours; it’s just that yummy.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, there is the obvious down side to indulging your inner cookie addict: medical cannabis patients get short shrift when it comes to healing properties GSC delivers due to its unique genetic makeup. One resource recommends taking comfort in the fact that “THC levels compensate,” so like just about everything else in life, GSC will be favored by some and ignored by others.

On the other hand, great results can be had when using this strain for stress, nausea, depression and associated loss of appetite. For anyone suffering from severe and/or chronic illnesses that include migraine headaches, this cookie-inspired strain can be outstanding, especially for those who require a maximum dose for pain relief.

Girl Scout Cookies is available in concentrates and edibles in addition to smokables, but like all consumable marijuana products, this isn’t for everyone because there are a few side effects that have the potential to negate all of the good work this strain offers. For users who already suffer from a lack of saliva due to the illness that triggered the need for symptom relief, GSC could exacerbate that and turn your already-dry mouth into a desert wasteland.

Some strain fans are willing to put up with this and combat their dry mouth by hydrating the body as frequently as do long distance runners. According to GSC fans who seek a more intense high despite ingesting as much water as they can handle, switching from straight water to a mix of fresh citrus juices packed with Vitamin C can boost THC levels and heighten the experience.

Side effects aren’t limited to dry mouth; there’s a chance users can suffer dry eyes in addition to extreme fatigue, more reasons to avoid planning anything requiring high energy levels after consuming GSC products.

Like the biscuits from which this strain got its name, GSC has been referred to as “the most sought-after strain cannabis genetics every created,” based on its good looks, consistently dynamic potency and unmistakable flavor. And like all great products, it’s currently used as breeding stock. Don’t be surprised to see exotic new strains popping up on dispensary shelves that offer the same boost of THC enhanced by new flavors and aromas. For those who can’t get enough of this strain, that’s news worth celebrating.