Mary’s Nutritional’s is a manufacturer of high-end CBD products based in Loveland, Colorado. Founded in March of 2015 by parent company Mary’s Medicinals, we were started by current CEO and co-founder of both Nutritional’s and Medicinals, Lynn Hondred. All of Mary’s Nutritional’s CBD is made from hemp grown at the Elite Botanical’s farm in Loveland. We make all of our CBD from hemp flower instead of using the cheaper but less effective seeds.

Our resident Chief Operating Scientist, Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D, tests all of our products rigorously and we work with third party quality control labs to verify the quality control. Although we don’t post our third party results online they are publicly available by request.

We keep our THC content well below the 0.3% minimum to avoid our products having an inebriating effect. The THC levels can be as low as 0.03%, making many of our products safe for use in children.

With a wide line of products to choose from, Mary’s Nutritional’s offers CBD and natural supplements via their website. Three business-day shipping, free shipping on orders over $100 in the continental United States and a rewards program to help stack the savings are also available with orders.

With 2018’s Farm Bill allowing for the large-scale production of non-THC containing cannabis in the United States, many new brands and products are expected to hit the market. With experience stretching back to the first days of legalization, Mary’s Nutritional’s is poised to bring our proven products and superior quality to the emerging CBD supplement market.

Let’s take a look at some of our products and what they can be safely used for.

Mary’s Nutritional’s Remedy Oil

CBD in an oil form, with other natural ingredients which includes cinnamon bark oil, cinnamon leaf oil, myrrh and almond oil. It is also infused with a full spectrum of activated extracts from hemp and many naturally occurring terpenes.

Each bottle contains 500 mg of activated hemp extract in 15 ml of liquid. The bottles come ready to dispense 250 2 mg doses easily, one drop at a time. We recommend places a dose (drop) at a time under the tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds and swallow.

The oil can be used as a sleep aid, analgesic, anti inflammatory, mood stabilizer or a dietary supplement. The cost range is between $80-$110.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Gel Pen

A small, unobtrusive pen with a CBD gel lotion for topical pain relief. It can be used without notice for on the spot rain relief and to help fight inflammation. It is best applied directly to the area of pain, preferably to an area with veins close to the surface instead of on fatty tissue, as this location will help it absorb into the body.

Each pen contains 100 mg of the gel. A dose meter allows you to measure out 2 mg doses at a time, totaling 50 doses per pen. Ingredients include hemp extract, PLO Gel, menthol, citrus basil and isopropyl myristate, among others.

Each pen costs $50 for 50 doses.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patch

A rare product to find in CBD supplements, the patch is just what it sounds like: A dermal sticker that delivers CBD into the bloodstream through the skin over a timed interval. The 2×2 patches are each laser-cut and have 10 mg of CBD in them. The CBD is released into the system over the span of 8-12 hours, providing on the spot pain relief for much of the day in a single application.

The patches come in a variety of packages, beginning at a single patch for $10. Larger quantity packs help you save money. Pricing details are: 10 for $90, 30 for $270, 60 for $480, 90 for $630 and 100 for $700. the more you buy the more the you save and with each patch lasting most of a day they can be a great bargain for pain relief.

Numerous other products are offered by Mary’s Nutritionals, including CBD capsules, a muscles freeze, a bath bomb, a gel pen for pets, a skin cream called Elite Compound, a transdermal hemp relief cream cream, a topical mist called Burn-Out, a restorative eye cream called Brighten, an illuminating facial moisturizer called Renew, a Dead Sea salt body scrub Methods, which is a skin care collection. There is a full line of pet products in addition to our line of supplements for people.

With a commitment to organic farming techniques, the hemp plants used at Mary’s Nutritionals are of the highest quality and so is our CBD and hemp products. For nearly five years Mary’s Nutritionals has led the way in innovating new and reliable natural remedies for pain and other ailments.

In addition to being able to browse and purchase products online, the Mary’s Nutritionals website features a store locator enabling customers to find products close to them if they cannot wait for the delivery time. The site also includes information about the comapny and our missions. A robust science page helps customers gain a better understanding of how our products work. New research on this burgeoning industry is being done every day and we track this information to not only help us better serve our customers but also to allow out customers to better understand their own needs and the products they are seeking.

CBD has and continues to be used for pain relief, addiction treatment, mood disorders, a sleep aid and much more. ITs pro-health benefits are still being documented but we regularly see more and more proof that CBD has immense health benefits and adding it in supplement form to your diet has many proven benefits.  For this reason, we continue to test various brands in the space.

Specializing in topicals is our game and we’ve been doing it longer than most. Our expertise in using quality hemp CBD products for life enhancement is second to none. With the newly expanding hemp market set to expand rapidly in the near future, Mary’s Nutritionals is ready to grow with it.