The CBD oil trend has taken the beauty and health industry by a storm thanks to its many medicinal benefits that have helped many people find relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. Ever since the authorities allowed the medicinal use of the hemp plant, it seems every other health and wellness company has decided to create a CBD oil product and jump on the bandwagon.

But here’s the thing, when something gets so popular that everyone in the town wants to have a piece of it, there is always a chance that some companies will try to scam you with a low-quality product. And since CBD oil is very popular amongst people, so much that nearly everyone wants to try it out or is already an established user, many companies have sprouted within days claiming to have CBD oil products that beat their competition.

Picking a company when it comes to buying CBD oil is actually very important for you. There is a very complex process involved in making these products which a lot of companies are not completely following. From the growing aspect to the extraction and making the CBD oil purified, there is so much involved that you need to be absolutely sure that you are buying the right stuff.

The real problem is how CBD oil is actually extracted from the hemp plant. We already know that hemp plant is also home to THC, one of the cannabinoids of the plant that is best known for its recreational purposes. If CBD is not extracted properly, there is a good chance that the CBD oil product using this CBD may have large traces of THC in it. For you, this means that you could be getting addicted to the product and may even suffer from side effects such as hallucinations and other effects commonly found after using THC.

I come across new CBD companies on a daily basis these days. It seems every single person or company out there wants to leverage on the popularity of CBD and try to get as much profit out of it as possible. So when I was searching the internet a few weeks ago, I came across this interesting CBD oil company known as AON Mother Nature. The brand advertises itself as carrying only natural CBD products. Since I am a very firm believer of using all natural products and love CBD oil, I didn’t think twice about trying them out.

After trying out a couple of their products, here’s what I was able to find out.

Why AON Mother Nature

When it comes to CBD oil, there are very few companies out there which actually have all-natural and organic CBD products. Most of the CBD products you see on the internet are made with industry grade CBD which is not necessarily pure. On top of that, many companies add additives to boost the effects of their product at the cost of several side effects that come with many of these harmful chemicals and additives. Of course, no one will tell you that but most of the CBD oil products are infused with such chemicals and additives.

AON basically stands for Authentic, Organic, and Natural. The company claims that they only use all-natural ingredients in all of their products. But can you really trust them on their word? If you’re new to the company, you probably have your doubts, just like I did. This is why instead of just digging further information, I decided to buy a couple of products from the company and check them out myself.

As an avid user of all-natural and organic products, I have a very good eye when it comes to detecting if the product is natural or not. One of the biggest giveaways of non-organic products is usually their fragrance. You see most synthetic or non-organic products are made with so many chemicals that they give away a very pungent smell that you can instantly tell about.

Companies create synthetic fragrances to reduce the pungent smell of all these chemicals and you can instantly tell away that a fragrance is synthetic or not. When I got my first CBD products from AON Mother Nature, the first thing I did was open the lid and smelled to see if there were any chemical usage.

As much as it surprised me, there really was no smell of chemicals. I instantly became a believer of the company and since then have been advocating their products. I believe all natural CBD oil is a lot more effective than industrial grade CBD oil because it is sourced from hemp plants that are organically grown.

AON Mother Nature also sources its CBD oil from Hemp plants grown in organic farms located in Colorado. For you, this means that this product is actually also all American. As with all American products, the company has to adhere to strict rules and regulations placed by authorities to make sure that they provide you with not only the highest quality but also pure CBD oil.

The AON Mother Nature CBD oil brand has many different products to try out from. Some of my favorite include pure terpene juice, vape kits, flavored blends of terpene juice, CBD capsules, CBD powders, CBD water-soluble pills, salves, pain-relief balms, pet CBD products, and CBD bath bombs.

I love the fact that AON Mother Nature has a product for nearly every kind of person out there. Whether you love using CBD oil as a tincture, or you use it orally, you’ll find both alternatives. There is also pet-specialized formula with less dosage suitable for just about any kind of pet you have. Then there are also CBD pills that can be easily taken orally.

Another thing that I’d like to mention here is that AON Mother Nature offers many discounts on its products on nearly a weekly basis. So if you are worried about budget, you’ll easily be able to pick products from the brand thanks to insane discounts offered from time to time.

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