Procana Review

The CBD oil trend in the health and beauty industry has become insanely popular thanks to recent changes in regularities of cannabis use in the U.S. As soon as the FDA and other concerned authorities allowed the use of hemp plant for medicinal purposes, swarms of beauty and health companies decided to leverage on the many health benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil is important cannabidiol of the hemp plant, which is also rich with THC, cannabidiol purposedly used to make the recreational drugs marijuana and hashish. Both of these cannabidiols have insane health benefits. But unlike its cousin, CBD does not have the psychoactive and addictive effects on the body. Hence it has become a popular ingredient for products that provide relief from pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. It has basically become the ultimate healing ingredient these days.

Here’s one thing a lot of people still fear. They still fear that using CBD oil in any form will have them addicted to it and maybe even get them a ‘high’ like feeling. Their concerns are valid because there are indeed some CBD oil products out there that have caused such side effects.

But it is important to know why this is happening in the first place. You see, its all in the extraction process. Extracting CBD from the hemp plant is an insanely complex and expensive method that a lot of small companies don’t always get right.

So what happens in the end? It’s simple, the cheap quality CBD oil product ends up having large traces of THC in it which not only gets you high and fuzzy with weirdly colored hallucinations, but it may also start to feel addicting.

The FDA is taking swift action against these companies but it is a slow process. The companies are sprouting faster than the authorities can regulate them. And right now, the only way you can save yourself is either not to use CBD oil products at all or use a product from a reputable company that does its best to extract CBD oil so no traces of THC ever make it to the final product.

There are quite a few names out there that promise you quality and 100% CBD oil products, one of these go by the name Procana. Its a relatively new company but has quickly gained a lot of traction with CBD oil users. We set out to try their products ourselves so we can help you determine if the CBD company is actually worth putting any money into or not.

What Makes Procana Different

From the outside, Procana seems just like another CBD oil company that has a bunch of products with different consistency and strength of CBD oil. But when you look closely, the company has some attributes that make it very different from the competition.

One of the biggest things that we found out about Procana was that the company is actually backed by doctors and medical researchers. They have actually provided a lot of scientific research on their website about their product and how they make it. Their CBD oil also focuses on the scientific benefits of CBD rather than making ridiculous claims.

According to Procana, they actively work with medical students and researchers to create their products that target medical marijuana users. The products themselves are made in such a way that they provide patients with controlled dosages. A normal person who want to use CBD oil but does not know the exact dosage may also significantly benefit from Procana products.

Each and every product on their site is backed with research and testing certificates that prove their product is not only potent but also very high quality in nature. You need to keep in mind though that the test results on their website do not test for heavy metal and solvents in the CBD oil. The tests are more about cannabinoid concentrations.

What Does Procana Offer

Procana has a limited range of products which is actually good for you. We are a firm believer of companies who provide specialized products rather than having a large list of unnecessary products.

Procana only has 7 products that include CBD Balance, CBD Complete, CBD ultra, Hemp Spectrum+, Hemp Advanced, Hemp Omega, and VET Formula. The first three products are basically the same with different dosages of CBD oil. So if you are someone who is looking for a weaker formula, or a stronger formula, Procana provides you with three options.

The hemp advanced and spectrum products are pure whole spectrum hemp plant extract that provides you with phytocannabinoids and plant terpenes. They come in softgel form and provide a variety of medicinal benefits that pure CBD oil may not be able to. Check the product details for more information on this.

The Hemp Omega is perhaps their most unique product. This CBD product is an excellent alternative to Fish Oil since it contains both omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and is also a source of Super Fatty Acids Gamma Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acids. If you have had problems with consuming fish oil in the past, this is one of the best alternatives out there.

The company also has a VET formula which is best used for pets. The product offers isolated CBD derived from hemp. It is best used to help regulate balance in the Endocannabinoid system of pets.


CBD oil is something we have grown to love and hate at the same time. Since there are so many companies making products out of this highly beneficial ingredient, there is always a risk of getting scammed with a product that has harmful additives in it.

But once you find a reputable company such as Procana, you will start loving CBD oil and the many benefits of this ingredient so much that you will never go back to using typical over the counter alternatives.

Procana has an excellent lineup of products that are suited for every kind of user. We highly recommend giving their product a try, especially if you are a beginner.

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