Elixinol Review

I don’t know about you, but I am diagnosed with Chronic Pain and deal with terrible bone aches on a daily basis. I have had many doctors prescribe me many different types of pills. My body reacted horribly to them all. Although, my pain was gone I would be sick to my stomach the entire time. Spending most of my day over a toilet vomiting. The remaining time I would have during the day I would be walking around like a zombie not knowing what was going on. It was terrible, especially on days that I had work. A friend of mine introduced me to the benefits of medical Cannabis. I have learned many things about this magical plant since then. The fact that its chemical properties help with many different illness and disorders is beautiful. When it comes to more critical sicknesses, you would want to have an equal dose of THC along side with CBD. These two molecules work together to fight of whatever it is the body needs help fighting, from Cancer to Glaucoma. On the other hand, I’m only dealing with Chronic Pain. This problem could be eased with only using CBD. Which brings me to my review of this great CBD company, Elixinol.

Elixinol back story
This company was established in 2015 by Paul Benhaim to bring high quality CBD products to all that need it. They carry many products from capsules to tinctures. Their CBD oil has become one of the most known companies in the country and has always brought satisfaction to all their customers. They take pride in the work they have done, and all the help they have brought people who truly need this medicine.

Elixinol’s products
Elixinol offers many different products that allow people to have access to the cbd they need. I will now take you down a list of products and what they each are.

Edibles- They have a great options of GMO free, Vegan friendly and gluten free products. Edibles are baked good containing a dosage of activated CBD (or THC in some medical states) that are absorbed into the blood stream via eating. Elixinol outsources their hemp from Canada and Northern Europe. Their products are always organically grown natural hemp plants. The Edibles they off are Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powders that you can mix into smoothies or shakes to get your dosage. Edibles are a great way to give your body the proper CBD dose it needs because when you ingest the activated molecule it gets into your blood stream much quicker than vaping or smoking it. When it hits your digestive system your body quickly absorbs it. These products are great for people who want to avoid smoke.

Capsules- Elixinol offers many products that are an alternative to smoking. Capsules are another one of those alternatives. Capsules are great for on the go dosing. These are made with coconut oil extracts. Coming in fifteen milligram doses you can order two different size bottles. A bottle of thirty capsules or a bottle of sixty.

Topicals- Topicals are awesome because they’re simple and can replace your daily lip balm or lotions. Yes exactly, they are CBD dosed skin applicants. You can get them in either five milligrams or one hundred and twenty-five milligram dosage. They are made with great organic properties such as Neem oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Palm oils. They are great because they don’t leave a grease residue.

Liposomes and Tinctures- Similar to Edibles these are CBD oils you ingest into your body via mouth. Liposomes are water soluble oils that can be sprayed under the tongue after being mixed with water. These come in three hundred or one thousand milligrams, and come in a citrus flavor. The Liposomes are a special carrier that helps the CBD be absorbed by the cells membranes much more quickly. Tinctures are awesome because they are oils you can drop on your food, beverages or directly into your mouth. They are made from full spectrum Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) oil making them top quality CBD products. Their Tinctures can come in many different options. One option would be to grab some of their Hemp oil. I personal love this product. It is the main line of products they have. Their Hemp oil comes in three hundred, six hundred and thirty-six hundred milligram dosage. They are available in natural or Cinnamint flavors. Another one of Eixinol’s Tinctures is their most popular product, the X-Pen. The X-Pen is a clickable pen that preserves the oil that is stored in it. Each click dispenses fifteen milligram drops and comes with a total of one thousand milligrams. The last line of Tinctures that Eixinol has to offer is Respira Versatile. This product is a little more costly than others but is great nonetheless. It comes in a squeeze bottle and you can choose either grape or mint flavors. I personally enjoy Tinctures because they are great flavored and bring a good dose of CBD to the body very easily.

CBD Pet Treats- Cannabis isn’t just a medicine for humans. It is also known to be beneficial for pets like dogs and cats. If your puppy has separation anxiety or just needs help calming down, these treats are perfect. My dog starts acting like it is the end of the world when I leave the house. She thinks she will never see me again and it breaks my heart to leave her like that. So I started feeding her some CBD before I leave to calm her down and ease her mind. This product is made with organic and human grade ingredients. A team of veterinarians helped design the product to ensure it isn’t too strong for the animal to ingest. The treats come in one and one and a half milligram doses. I enjoy these because they come in multiple different flavors. It is definitely their largest selection of flavors compared to any of their other products. I usually get the Peanut Butter and Banana because my baby girl loves those. They also come in Blueberry and Cranberry, Carob and Coconut, as well as Kale and Carrot. You can also specify whether it is a small breed or a large breed dog.

All and all, I believe Elixinol is a great CBD company bringing wonderful products to the wonderful people that need them. Their large list of items always has me stoked on what to buy when I am picking up my month supply of medicine for the pain in my wrist. Their organic and natural ingredients are what really grabs my attention. Other than their prices can get a little high, I have always been satisfied with every order I make. At the end of the day, I will have to give Elixinol CBD a four out of five star rating.