How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Jeff who is suffering from chronic pain and has been prescribed marijuana by his treating physician, bought a ticket to visit his distant family in Florida. After the TSA noticed that he had a slightly slurred speech, he was escorted to the inside of the airport office for further inquiry. Miserably, he struggled through the end of the day’s ordeal trying to explain them that he was under the influence of drug but it was medically advised. Eventually, he was let go after confirmation from his physician came in.

Pot smokers around the world dread situations like this, where they have to undergo mandatory and random drug test. Companies all over, like the Starbucks Coffee Chain, to the Home Depot, and many more will offer a test before an official job offer.  A typical test consists of submitting a urine sample but in most cases oral swab test is administered for quick results. If you have experienced this scenario previously, we are sure you may have felt violated. After all, a prescription pill that helps alleviate your body pain or migraine will do no harm to others and not trigger drug test equipment right? Wrong! So, wouldn’t it be much easier to find out ahead of time what will mask those private prescribed drugs prohibited in public places? Wouldn’t it be beneficial for you and your family to do this when authorities are out to get you and make your life miserable? Wouldn’t it be peaceful to nip in the bud before things get out of control? Yes, it would be nice and we will show you how.

What Is In A Drug Test

First and foremost, you may want to know what drug test actually is and how it works. A simple drug test conducted by security personnel in and around the area you live or any place you go around the world consists of a single swab test that will be inserted into your mouth to collect your saliva. The swab is then subjected to multiple testing for various drugs that are considered harmful to your body and detrimental to the general public. Evidence suggests that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs even if it is prescribed by a licensed doctor can cause harm that outweighs the benefits. Typically, you will have to provide a detailed evaluation of your condition along with proof of prescription if you want to come clean. Failing to do this basic step may result in fine, jail term, confiscation of your personal property or have other consequences that might jeopardize your life and well-being.

Initially, the personnel will collect your saliva and take it to the lab to perform basic tests for drugs like meth and marijuana. The saliva collected contains drug metabolites that will show up if you have taken drug recently. So, any drug that you consumed within the last 4 to 6 hours will appear as positive during the drug test. If you had causally chewed Cannabis gummy and did not feel its affect, the drug test will confirm its intake as well. Other drugs that will likely show up in the results include but not limited to cocaine, ecstasy pills, PCP, methadone, benzodiazepines and barbituates. Another thing to consider here is the time you have consumed any of these drugs. Some of the drugs mentioned here may indicate its presence even after 48 hours. And remember, having tested as positive for the drugs do not end well in almost all cases.

Tricks To Pass An Oral Swab Test


The best and time-tested way to pass drug test is to not use drug at all in the first place. This is a no-brainer, but for some addicts who are in the process of rehabilitation, it may seem impossible to come out of their addiction at once. They may be put through a program where they have to slowly and steadily eliminate their habits. However, don’t be too concerned about possible consequences if you are sober for a week or more because the drug test may not show up positive at all. Recent medical research tends to suggest that the benefits of not using drugs for more than two days are incredible. It is likely that the drug test will simply show negative on certain types of drugs depending on the severity of your drug usage as well.


Let us not simply assume that everyone who performs drug test are out to destroy your life. For example, your employer may have concern about your well-being but at the same time want you to go through preliminary examinations to ensure the safety and well-being of others in the company as well. You may stop taking the drug before that examination happens or if it is a a urine test, simply use urine dilution detox drink that are available at stores like Mega Clean Detoxify.


How about using conventional way of passing the oral swab test – through brushing and mouthwash? That will work too in most cases. If the test simply involves an oral swab and nothing else, this is a surefire way to go unnoticed. If you use marijuana, you will find brushing teeth twice a day and before the test more easy than doing anything else to pass the test. For your own sake, why not use mouthwash liquid like hydrogen peroxide. Many people have found this the best solution for their woes with oral swab test. Not all benzoyl peroxide solution will work. Try 3% strength instead of other stronger solutions. Use about one ounce of the mouthwash with a little sip of water. Do this two or three times before the dreaded test.


This may seem like the silliest piece of advice ever given to emerge out successfully from drug test. But it is not. For many people, exercise has decreased the effectiveness of drug. Now the same advice is being evidently used by others who were skeptical about this advice in the first place. As one person stated, “When the time comes, you will do anything to pass the test even if you are required to break your bones”. Scientific research has shown that you can significantly reduce the presence of drug through good food, drinks and exercise. Rather than make the drug stay, you are letting the body to naturally eliminate the drugs inside without pressure. The purpose of exercise is to provide gradual progression that will help your body work in an optimal way and face the inevitable stresses of undergoing the drug test as well. The other important component of exercise is that you are eliminating the drugs without any side effects. You are taking the time out to get rid of the drugs without external intervention. This will stimulate the organs and cells in the body and flush out the metabolites safely.

Ironically, many people are looking for ways to medically eliminate drug from their bodies. Note that this is not easy as it seems because many healthcare physicians will not perform this task right away. You may have to undergo comprehensive tests before such a procedure. In these days of rising health cost, this route may not be an affordable option as well. It is also possible that you may experience long term consequences of undergoing such procedures.

We outline passing a marijuana drug test in general on this page, regardless of the testing policy.  It’s an interesting read if you find yourself in a situation where you must beat a test to gain employment.

Remember that, there are many other safe ways to pass oral swab test that are not mentioned in this information. Many books and articles have been written around this topic that you may want to explore. You will find these resources either in public library or your local bookstores.