Home Depot Drug Testing

Does Home Depot Drug Test?

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As we go down the lines of corporations in the USA that issue pre-employment drug tests, today we’ll talk about a place that many people are familiar with:  The Home Depot. Our last update, in case you missed it, was for all of you who were looking to be a barista at Starbucks.

The Home Depot is one of America’s biggest home improvement supplies retailing company that sells various tools, construction products, and other services. Being a huge company, naturally, it hires a lot of employees to keep running things smoothly. Most people who look for part-time jobs while they’re studying work in Home Depot to make sure they make their ends meet.

The Home Depot Drug Testing Policy

If you’ve recently been selected for an interview at Home Depot, but you are a drug user, then you are probably worried if you are going to be tested for drugs before being hired by the company. Unfortunately, Home Depot does drug test employees before they hire them.

Home Depot has a strict policy against drugs. There are at least two drug tests conducted within the company. The first drug test takes place just before you are hired, and the other takes place randomly when you are working for them.

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The employees currently working at Home Depot have confirmed that the company uses only two methods to check for substance abuse in workers. The first method they use is the mouth swab method which basically is a saliva test, and the other is the famous urine drug test.

If you are found having substance in your body, regardless of what kind of drug you use, you will be immediately terminated from work. This is how strict Home Depot is about their drug abuse policies.

So if you are a casual user, it is in your best interest to give up drugs before your interview. According to employees of the company, the pre-employment test is based on the mouth swab method.

How To Clear Mouth Swab Drug Test Method

The mouth swab drug test method is very simple. The ones conducting this test will stick this little thing in your mouth for about 10 minutes to collect your saliva. They will then check it for any substance.

In order to dodge the test, you can either stop using drugs at least 2 – 3 days before the test (not guaranteed to always work) or you could use an oral clear gum that is specially developed to clear your saliva so that it does not test positive. You can go for the test 30 minutes after you have chewed the gum.

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If you’re already an employee at Home Depot and you think a drug test is coming your way, then it is probably going to be a urine based test. The urine-based test is a bit harder to dodge because it is easy for urine to show substance. I recommend giving up drugs at least 10-20 days before the test depending on your drug usage. If you smoke up twice a week, then 10 days should be enough. Anything more than that, you’ll have to give up at least 20 days before. If you don’t have that kind of time left, then you can opt for synthetic urine. Just put this urine in the sample tube and hand it over to your manager to clear the test.


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