3 Reasons Why Vaporizers Might Be a Better Option Than Smoking Cannabis

As the number of people seeking medical marijuana treatment grows, safety issues about side effects will likely remain hot topics. With the improving technology of vaporizers, smoking cannabis is not considered the healthiest way to ingest the herb. While eating or drinking the herb are the safest ways to use cannabis, the following reasons explain why vaporizing has become a viable alternative for medical marijuana patients.

Why Vaping Cannabis May Be Better Than Smoking It

1. Avoiding Dangerous Toxins in Cannabis Smoke

The most important reason for using a vaporizer instead of smoking cannabis is to avoid the dangerous carcinogens released through smoke in the lungs. Even though research has pointed to cannabis smoke being less dangerous than tobacco smoke, there is still concern that cannabis smoke can cause damage to the respiratory system. Vaporizing bypasses this issue while providing the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis, retaining the medical benefits.

Using a vaporizer is safer than a joint partly because a joint uses paper that contains chemicals that produce carcinogens when smoked. The manner of holding pot smoke in the lungs is also not healthy compared with a vaporizer. Some people choke or cough when they breathe in smoke, whereas once again, the vaporizer eliminates the problem.

2. Getting More Cannabinoid Benefits Through Vaporizing

You actually inhale more psychoactive ingredients, known as cannabinoids, from a vaporizer than smoking cannabis. In fact, a vaporizer preserves 95 percent of the cannabinoids while smoking the herb means inhaling gases in which nearly 90 percent are non-cannabinoid. The key is that a vaporizer dehydrates cannabis while releasing the psychoactive ingredients without harmful smoke.

When cannabis is lit on fire its compounds dissipate into the air. As cannabis burns, the resource is used up and a certain percentage of the herb goes to waste. Compared with vaporizers, smoking cannabis can be more costly in many ways. More THC goes toward health benefits when using a vaporizer.

Vaporizing is most effective when cannabis is heated to 338 degrees compared with smoking a joint at 392 degrees when the leaves begin to combust. It’s combustion that creates the smoke that causes lung cancer and other respiratory problems. A joint can burn as hot as 2000 degrees, whereas a vaporizer is designed for a set temperature. In order for cannabinoids to be effective, cannabis must be heated to a certain temperature.

3. Elimination of Cannabis Smoking By-products

Even careful smokers can cause damage to property by accidentally burning something. People who smoke indoors inevitably damage furniture, walls and windows. Smoking frequently can also stain your teeth, which can affect your appearance. When it burns your clothes it can mean replacing them prematurely. It also leads to time cleaning clogged pipes, ash trays and other physical items affected by smoke.

Another problem with cannabis smoke is that it produces a strong smell that doesn’t go away easily. If you live in an apartment or near neighbors, the smell of marijuana may be an uncomfortable topic that creates friction. The amount of work it takes to clean up the mess that cannabis smoke makes may not be worth it. If you deal with a busy schedule, vaporizing is clearly the more time efficient way to use cannabis.

One of the greatest benefits of vaporizing is that you can remain incognito about your cannabis use as it does not give the obvious signals of use from smoking. By eliminating a lighter, you are also reducing the chance of starting an unwanted fire. Compared with vaporizers, smoking cannabis has too many safety issues to ignore. Vaporizers, on the other hand, give you the maximum health benefits of cannabis with minimal side effects.