How to Use Weed Maps Effectively

Weed maps are a valuable tool for medical marijuana users. On these websites, patients can find dispensaries, doctors, and delivery services, read and write reviews, read the latest marijuana news, and connect with other patients. With these sites, patients can easily locate and discuss medical marijuana, freely and easily. They are communities filled with a wealth of information as well as interactive maps to make locating services quick and easy. Here’s how to use weed maps effectively so you can take advantage of all they have to offer and have a great experience.

Guide to Using WeedMaps

Find Dispensaries

These websites are equipped with maps to make locating cannabis dispensaries near you as easy as pie. You simply type in your city in the search bar, instantly have access to locations, and contact information for dispensaries within just a few kilometers of where you are. Their mobile apps make it easy to find locations on the go, too.

Find Weed Doctors

Weed maps aren’t only useful for patients looking to buy from dispensaries—they’re also great for soon-to-be patients who are looking into getting a prescription for the first time. You simply have to change your search criteria to doctors instead of dispensaries to locate weed-friendly physicians near you.

Use Filters

Weed maps come with easy-to-use one-click filters so you can find exactly which dispensary you’re looking for. If you’re only interested in delivery services, dispensaries that use lab testing on their products, or dispensaries that have photos and videos of their weed, you can easily filter out only the locations that have what you’re looking for. You’ll save a wealth of time when you use filters effectively.

Read Reviews

Users can read and write reviews on weed map sites. This is a great place to look before you head out to a doctor’s office or dispensary to make sure the place you’re going to check out is worth your time, is professional, and is legal. Additionally, you can read reviews on the different types of marijuana strains that dispensaries offer, so you can research which type will work best for your symptoms. On the flip side, you can write reviews, too, so you can help others who are looking for information.


Weed maps are communities where medical marijuana patients can discuss their treatment openly with other users. If you have questions related to your prescription or have information to share with others, just jump on their forums and start chatting. It can feel lonely using medical marijuana if your loved ones don’t understand its therapeutic properties and still consider it taboo. These forums allow you to talk freely with others who understand what you’re going through and are there to help you when needed.


Weed map sites are constantly updating the latest medical marijuana news section (our blog). You can access all the current marijuana news articles from around the globe so you can always be in the know. You can even sign up to their newsletter so you never miss a story.

One-Stop Shop

Weed maps are your one-stop shop to everything there is to do with medical marijuana. Locate dispensaries and pro-marijuana doctors, and connect with other patients by reading and writing reviews and chatting on forums. If you’ve been prescribed medical cannabis, you might want to know more about it or want to communicate with others who are using the same treatment. Weed maps make it easy for you to find anything you’re looking for related to medical marijuana, so you can be more confident about your new alternative treatment. And the best part—it’s free to join!