Medical Cannabis Prescriptions in Canada

As medical marijuana continues to blaze its path all throughout Canada and the rest of North America, demand for its products and accessories continue to grow. Recent waves of legalization have opened up new opportunities for patients who have long been suffering from various illnesses and disorders of all types. CBD hemp treatments have shown great promise and effectiveness in helping people with a broad range of issues.

Not only has this form of therapy become a popular agent for physical problems such as chronic pain, insomnia, and fibromyalgia, as well as the side effects from cancer treatments, it has also been effective in treating neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. And that’s not all; psychological disorders such as Anorexia, ADHD, and bulimia, have been shown to respond well to medical cannabis prescriptions, as have even some emotional conditions like depression and anxiety.

The first step to beginning this course of therapy is to apply for and receive approval for a medical marijuana prescription. The process is not a difficult one, but it needs to be done correctly all the way from filling out the paperwork accurately and sending it to the proper agencies which handle the applications, to having the medical professional’s recommendation for this type of treatment for your condition.

Obtaining a Prescription

The first thing that is needed before you have your initial consultation regarding medicinal cannabis therapy and whether or not it is the right choice for you, is a copy of your medical file and treatment history. This can be acquired by a simple request to your current personal or family physician. Often times patients may be hesitant or nervous about asking for such a document for fear of having to answer a bunch of questions or justify their request. There is no need to feel this way.

Canada PhotoThese are your records concerning your body. You have a legal right to access them at any time without providing any reason or further information regarding why you need them. The worst case scenario is that your doctor might require a written, formal request for the purposes of record keeping. Other than that, you should face no further issues. While this is not necessary if your primary physician is the one you will be consulting with regard to the possibility of medical cannabis treatments, for people seeking other opinions these files will be necessary.

Working with Specialty Clinics and Doctors

It can be advantageous to partner up with health facilities that specialize in this form of therapy as their superior knowledge in the field, and access to larger varieties of specific strains can be much more helpful when deciding which particular medication would be best for your condition(s). For medical practitioners who offer CBD products as only one of many options, their lack of expertise can often times result in an inefficient treatment program.

Filling Your Prescription

As previously mentioned, this is another advantage of working with one of the specialized health and wellness centres whose doctors and staff focus solely on medical cannabis. In addition to the fact that many of them have years of experience studying various medical conditions and how different individual strains work to treat and manage each symptom, they also have access to Licensed Providers which offer a higher quality grade of medicines than are available in retail outlets and dispensaries.

In addition to the fact that these clinics take the guesswork out of which strands to purchase for the patient, they also continue to work with them all throughout the course of the treatment, monitoring their progress and making any changes or adjustments that may be necessary, such as trying different prescriptions or adjusting the dosage based on the individual’s evolving needs.