4 Common Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat Headaches

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Nothing ruins your day faster than a headache. Even at their most tolerable, these ailments can steal your focus and lower your productivity. But when you’re experiencing particularly bad pain and it feels like someone is bashing a gong on the inside of your skull, you’d do nearly anything to make it stop.

Unfortunately, many Canadians don’t have that option. Statistics Canada reports that over 2.7 million citizens experienced migraines in 2010 or 2011. This can be a chronic condition for some people, while others may experience them as a side effect from other medications. In the end, the result is the same: harsh, unrelenting pain that will needlessly complicate your life.

Thankfully, there are solutions for chronic sufferers. Medical marijuana has been known to reduce pain caused by headaches, offering relief to users who have obtained prescriptions from their doctors. However, some strains can also intensify this pain, so it’s important to know which varieties of marijuana to use to treat these ailments.

This article will help you find common medical marijuana strains that will remove grating, constant pain. Read on to find out about these unique assortments.

1. Blue Dream

When people discuss pain, mentions of Blue Dream are never far away. That’s because this is one of the more common medical marijuana strains available for relieving physical discomfort. As a hybrid variety, it offers patients the best of both worlds when it comes to treating headaches. Its sativa characteristics offer a heady feeling that’s beneficial for treating migraines and other cranium-based ailments. This also keeps you from falling prey to the drowsy body highs that are commonly associated with indicas. It does contain large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can lead to exaggerated psychoactive effects. But for the most part, Blue Dream is perfectly suited to treating unpleasant headaches.

2. Jack Herer

Many people don’t want to use common medical marijuana strains to treat their headaches because it makes them feel too stoned to actually maintain their daily routines. Jack Herer helps patients avoid these prevalent pitfalls, so it’s used by busy professionals to treat their headache pain. It’s a sativa-based strain that emphasizes users’ creativity and productivity. Patients describe it as producing blissful, energetic feelings, so you’ll relieve both your pain and the negative energy it produces.

3. Northern Lights

If you’ve ever had to deal with intense head pain late at night, you know how it can prevent you from falling asleep. There are very few things that are more tedious and annoying than having to lie awake as you feel your headache’s dull throb pulsing through the top of your dome. Thankfully, one of the most common medical marijuana strains will leave you as awestruck as a tourist gawking at the Aurora Borealis.

That’s right: the popular Northern Lights strain is a great tool for when you need to slowly drift off after a long day full of pain. It’s an indica, so you’ll feel relaxed and happy enough to get the sleep you need. Readily available through dispensaries and licensed producers, Northern Lights can take away the tension that seems to grip your entire body when you’ve got a headache.

4. Blueberry

If Blueberry sounds familiar, it should. It’s a parent to the previously mentioned Blue Dream, but while that strain is tempered with a Haze sativa, Blueberry is a straight indica strain. That means you’ll get a relaxed, body-oriented sensation that’s similar to the Northern Lights variety. If you need to get rid of the bad feelings that pain brings, Blueberry is an ideal pick.


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