How to Avoid Feeling Lazy From Marijuana Use

Now that the legalization of medical marijuana is spreading across the United States, the next big debate will likely be on how the drug can lead to chronic, lazy, marijuana use. It’s important to remember that not everyone reacts the same way to cannabis, as it elevates some minds while closing down others. Although marijuana does not have the adverse side effects of certain prescription drugs, it can still be overused to the point that it makes people tired and unmotivated to accomplish things. The key to avoiding this lazy distraction that can slow down productivity is to be aware of the drug’s effects and the fact that exercise and challenging mental activities can counter laziness.

Staying Physically Fit

Unless you are a patient confined to a bed or wheelchair, it’s a good idea to exercise every day since it’s a big part of staying healthy. As pleasant and relaxing as pot may be, it should not be a substitute for diet and exercise when it comes to good health. Besides, exercise may even counter whatever damage cannabis smoke might cause the respiratory system. It’s not necessary to lift weights or do anything strenuous, but it’s helpful to do simple exercises, even if it’s just walking around the block or doing sit-ups in your living room. The more you stay active, the more your body will appreciate your actions. Constant laziness, however, is not good for the body at all.

Even though swimming is one of the best exercises for your entire body, it’s not a good idea to swim under the influence of marijuana. Nor is it a good idea to do anything dangerous like skiing or skydiving under the drug’s influence because you definitely want to be in full control when engaging in those types of sports. While many people can function just as normally under the drug as when they are completely drug-free, there’s risk involved with certain individuals who lose track of conscious activity after smoking cannabis. The drug does put people in a dream state, so engaging in safe activity is a top priority when using cannabis.

Mental Activity

Another good way to avoid lazy, marijuana use is to focus on any type of mental activity that challenges you to improve yourself. Playing a musical instrument such as guitar or piano is an excellent way to counter the drug’s lazy effects. Any type of hobby that doesn’t involve safety issues is an excellent way to balance the drug’s medical benefits with your own personal goals. Working on a computer or even playing video games will keep the mind active, but just sitting on a couch watching TV adds to the problem. Crossword puzzles and board games can also be a good remedy to lazy, marijuana use. Chess is one of the most challenging board games because it requires thinking several moves ahead.

One of the benefits of cannabis is that is opens the mind to a broad range of creative thinking. It has helped some of the most brilliant people of all time explore out of the box thinking, leading to impressive art. Inventors and musicians have used cannabis to explore new ideas with amazing results. It’s hard to imagine how successful The Beatles would have been had Bob Dylan not introduced them to marijuana within a year of becoming the world’s most successful band. Marijuana certainly didn’t slow them down.

It really comes down to each individual’s self-determination to overcome the laziness that cannabis can influence. Choose an activity that you like so that you are in control and feel good about it.