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Fastest Way to Get the Effects of CBD

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There are many scenarios when speed may be a factor when planning your use of CBD. For example, you might want to work out and not feel the effects until after you are done, or you might have an important meeting soon and want to make sure it will be calm before it starts. What are the fastest and slower methods of consuming CBD, and how do the other methods stack in terms of speed?

1 – Vaping

Let’s start with the obvious champion: vaping is the fastest popular method of getting the effects of CBD, but not the safest. When you vape, the CBD mist goes into your lungs and then gets sent straight into your bloodstream, creating an instant peak in your CBD levels.

As a result, you often feel the effects of the vape right away. If not, then the CBD will start being effective within three minutes. It will remain effective for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours, depending on a variety of factors.

That said, there are safety concerns associated with vaping in general, and you should look into those before you pick up the habit. On top of that, notice that vaping is the fastest “popular” method of feeling the effects. CBD injections and suppositories can both be just as fast, if not faster, but neither method is mainstream.

2 – Sublingual application

The second fastest method, and one of the safest, is to place CBD under your tongue. That allows the substance to be absorbed by the mucous membrane, which sends it straight into your bloodstream. It takes up to six minutes for the CBD to start taking effect.

This allows the oil to bypass your liver, meaning that a lot more CBD makes it into your bloodstream. This leads to much stronger results than eating or drinking the same amount of CBD. Sublingual application can be done using either CBD oil or a tincture. The effects last between 4 and 6 hours, depending on many factors.

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3 – Edibles

You have probably seen CBD gummies before, but edibles come in many more shapes and sizes. You can find CBD chocolate, cookies, lollipops, jam, ice cream, and even CBD pizza in some places. Versatility is certainly one of the main benefits of edibles, especially if you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil.

As far as speed goes, edibles are one of the slowest options in this list. It can take upwards of an hour for an edible to start making effect after being consumed. On the plus side, the effect lasts much longer, and it’s not uncommon for edibles to leave you feeling calm for six hours or more.

4 – Topical application

This is technically the slowest method in this list. While topicals are immediately effective in causing pain relief to the area where they have been applied, it takes several hours for the CBD there to be absorbed and reach your bloodstream.

Usually, that does not matter, since topicals provide localized pain relief long before the CBD reaches your bloodstream. However, if you choose to go to sleep with the product still on your skin, you may very well find yourself feeling unusually calm in the morning. If you would like to learn more about CBD, you should visit Cibdol.

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