How to Find Weed Dispensaries Online

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If you’re looking for weed dispensaries, online research is your best bet. It will save you plenty of time and help you find the best selection of medical marijuana quickly. A good place to start is, which has become the most popular directory of cannabis dispensaries in a short time. In 2014 the site ranked in the top 5,000 websites out of millions in the United States, according to The site also gets a very high trust rating on, which gives 1-100 point ratings on whether or not the site can be trusted based on over 150 different factors. Using and similar online directories can help you find the closest dispensaries in your geographic region quickly.

The Beauty of Weedmaps

Weedmaps has offices in Orange County, California and in Denver, Colorado, one of the most pot-friendly cities in the world. The site was founded by Justin Hartfield and Keith Hoerling in 2008 and has rapidly become the Yelp of weed dispensaries, online resource for dispensary geography and leading provider of dispensary reviews. Through this comprehensive website, you can search for medical marijuana based on lab-tests, delivery opportunities and other criteria. The site is also an index for legitimate and licensed doctors, which allows you to set online appointments. It can also direct you to grow shops.

Considered the marijuana industry’s leading authority on dispensaries, Weedmaps is built on a database that tracks over 3,000 dispensaries and an astounding 25,000 cannabis strains. Through the site, millions of patients can connect with each other and comment on dispensary experiences. Its sister site,, is another excellent cannabis resource for staying up to date on marijuana news, strains and cannabis products. Although ownership of Weedmaps has traded hands since its formation, Hartfield bought the company back in 2013 and is now a NORML board member who is working toward the federal legalization of cannabis in the United States. Today Weedmaps is the most popular medical marijuana app in both the Apple and Google mobile app stores.

Expanding Your Mind Online

The amount of knowledge you can learn about marijuana from Weedmaps and is amazing compared with most other pot websites, although is very useful as well. The geography of dispensaries is demystified by Weedmaps, which integrates with Google Maps. Simply type the name of your city in the dispensary search box and get a listing of the dispensaries in your area. These cannabis vendors are rated by reviewers giving 1-5 stars with data on the number of reviewers.

When you click the link of the dispensary name, you’ll go to a page with a Google Map that shows where the pot shop is located. You will also learn the type of pot (indica, sativa or hybrid) as well as the name of the cannabis strains available at that particular location. It will also reveal if the dispensary sells other cannabis products besides buds such as concentrate or wax. Reviews at the bottom of the page are sorted by featured dispensary, most recently reviewed or most helpful establishments. The reviews of shops are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars based on five categories: bud quality, reliability, staff, professionalism and price.

From brief reviews of weed dispensaries, online research can be maximized in a matter of minutes, saving you time and money while learning where to find high quality medical marijuana. You can also click on the reviewer’s name and read their reviews of other dispensaries. Then you can add your own comment to the review if you login after signing up, which lets you join marijuana forums.


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