How to Find Medical Marijuana for Sale

Finding medical marijuana for sale varies depending on where you live. If you happen to live in the pot-friendly nation of Canada, for example, you can use Health Canada as a starting point to find medical marijuana. But if you live in the United States, a little over half the states have kept it illegal despite the 23 states that have legalized it for medical use. It is much easier to find cannabis in the states that have legalized it for recreational use, which includes Washington and Colorado. The following research will help you locate medical marijuana in your area.

Searching Online

The internet is the best tool for tracking down any product, its pricing and locations where it is sold. Even with medical marijuana, you are much likely to find a dispensary closest to you than any other method besides tips from friends and medical professionals. The best place to start your online search for medical cannabis is the site, which is a directory of thousands of dispensaries. It provides a search tool to enter your city and get a list of dispensaries, along with customer reviews. There are other portals that provide helpful links to dispensaries, including, and There are also sites that can direct you to growing your own plants with seeds, such as, and

Purchasing cannabis online may not be the best idea, especially if you do not have a medical marijuana card and you do not live in the state where the website is based. The laws are still blurry when it comes to the proper way to purchase medical marijuana. You can still be arrested for possession if you are not careful about how you go about acquiring cannabis. The best approach is to buy medical marijuana directly from a dispensary and develop a relationship with expert caretakers.


Technically doctors are not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana in the United States, since it has not yet been approved by the FDA. However, doctors can recommend medical pot in accordance with state laws. These same doctors may be able to give you insight on where to buy medical marijuana for sale even if they themselves cannot recommend a specific dispensary. It’s best to find a doctor who supports medical marijuana and knows plenty about it. Many doctors approve of the medicine but don’t really know much about it or where to find it. “Further research is needed” is what you may hear from doctors.

Local Publications

One of the best sources for tracking down local medical marijuana dispensaries that do not promote themselves online is through local weekly or monthly publications that cater to the 20 to 40 year old demographic, particularly fans of local culture. These publications are also more likely to give the best coverage about local issues regarding medical marijuana in your area. Check the classified ad section in the back pages.

Avoiding Arrest

You can avoid arrest by staying up to date on the medical marijuana laws in your state, county and city. Just because the law may allow buying cannabis from a licensed non-profit dispensary that pays taxes, does not mean it’s legal or safe to buy pot from friends who sell it on the black market. If you happen to live in Colorado, you have several options, which include medical marijuana vending machines that require medical marijuana ID cards. Don’t assume that just because you come across a marijuana website or app that it’s ok to buy through it, as some medical marijuana for sale platforms have been busted by police.