Does Lowes Drug Test?

Do Lowes Employers Drug Test Their Employees?

Lowe’s is a chain of retail stores revolving around home improvement. Employees are likely to have to engage customers at their homes, so you can imagine how seriously they take drug use. They do perform drug tests for employees of all ranks and stations. Furthermore, training at Lowe’s typically includes implementing procedures such as training to acknowledge, record, and immediately confront on-site drug use.

The chain makes sure to conform to local, state, and federal law as well as possible and has discretion to test employees if suspicions are reasonably aroused.

The company does not always immediately terminate relations with employees who have tested positive for drugs. If such an employee is willing to submit to treatment, then further drug testing is mandated; if these further tests show no continued drug use, then there may be options available for employees to continue working for Lowe’s. A large amount of the attention the company pays to drug use among active employees lies among the portion of workers operating heavy machinery and potentially dangerous tools. Those who drive forklifts or use saws, for example, are highly at risk to cause untoward damage to themselves, others, or company property.

Pre-Employment Drug Screening at Lowe’s

Before the hiring process is complete, applicants will most likely be drug tested. Exactly how likely this is to happen depends on the laws and statutes in a given state, so some research might be called for. If a job is offered on condition, there is usually a copy of the pertinent policies provided for potential employees so that they can have a better understanding of what they’ll have to look forward to. Once a job is conditionally offered, one of two options can be expected: either a drug test will be issued in the next two days, or it will be issued after a second interview.

The most common type of drug test used tests the saliva – in most cases, saliva retains traces of drugs consumed within the last two or three days. If test results prove inconclusive, other options include urine, which can indicate drug usage within the last several weeks or the last couple of months, blood, which is useful for a shorter period than saliva, or hair, which can display traces of drugs consumed within a period of several months. Lowe’s employs servers online where employees and potential employees can discuss, among other topics, the of their experiences with drug testing for the company.

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