Colorado Hits Billion Dollars in Cannabis Revenue

I remember a ski trip five years back to Colorado, and being able to legally get marijuana from dispensaries. It was my first experience with this rather “new” legal model to obtain marijuana, and it took some getting used to.  Thanks to some time spent in Nevada, it was far from my last experience in dealing with legal recreational marijuana!  Today it was reported that Colorado has officially crossed the one billion dollar mark in revenues, and the State continues to lead the way in being the best place for investment, innovation, and development in this growing sector.

Colorado Continues to Pave the Way in Marijuana Sector

cannabis in colorado

Colorado has passed the billion dollar mark in revenues from marijuana in under five years.

Is it the large head start Colorado had on everyone else that allows them to be so far ahead of the game?  I don’t think so. While Colorado does attract a great deal of tourism to it’s national parks, ski resorts, and lovely scenery, they just have solid people who know the industry of cannabis, as well as farming, coupled with good work ethics and strong morals. I believe this is a huge factor when you compare it to places like Florida, where it seems every sector out there is highlighted with people trying to cut corners, cheat the system, and get ahead to be the person who makes the most money in any way possible. That’s just me, having experience in both places, and it may sound like a slight, but it is what it is. It’s my observation. Watch or read the news, Florida is a place ripe with fraud, especially in pain clinics and other places in that regard.

The former Governor of Colorado, named John Hickenlooper, who happens to be a 2020 presidential candidate, once mentioned the state’s earnings from legal marijuana as “a drop in the bucket.”

Whoa.  Just a billion dollar drop, like on the Grand Prize Game in the Bozo the Clown Show?  Must be nice.

Current Governor Jared Polis was the one who detailed in a press release how the state has earned over one billion in revenues from legal marijuana sales, and he had this to say about the current state of Colorado marijuana sales:

“This industry is helping grow our economy by creating jobs and generating valuable revenue that is going towards preventing youth consumption, protecting public health and safety and investing in public school construction.”

With licensed cannabis retailers having over $6.56 billion worth of products since 2014, over $1.02 billion has been raised via taxes and fees for the state of Colorado.

Certainly, other states will follow their lead and realize what a cash cow this really is, not to mention marijuana is a serious help to people who need it for medicinal purposes.

It’s also worth mentioning that many of the CBD Oil companies we review get a lot of their organic hemp from Colorado-based farms.  Colorado is certainly a place that is taking charge in this evolving space, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is close to getting on their level in terms of innovation and dedication to putting out quality products.

Colorado Based CBD Companies

Here are a few of the companies with ties to Colorado as well as links to pages with more information about them.

–> Mary’s Nutrition is based in Loveland, Colorado.

–> CBD Pure Gets Organic Hemp Grown in Colorado.

–> 4 Corners CBD is based in Colorado.

–> Thought Cloud sources products from there.

–> CBD Distillery is based there.